Knife Making Workshops

Make your own Japanese-style chef's knife in either of our one- or two-day courses. 

We'll teach you how to make a fantastic knife from start to finish, guiding you along the way in using various tools and techniques to create you own work of cutlery art. 

You can design your own shape and select your handle materials to make a knife that you'll love using, and which may indeed become an heirloom.

Email us at or via our contact page for more info.

One-day high carbon steel workshop:
Start the day shaping your knife from a sheet of steel, heat treating the blade and grinding it to shape, putting the handle on and finishing it off.

One-day Damascus steel workshop:
Same as above, except you'll begin with a 40-50 layer Damascus steel billet that we've prepared for you.

Two-day Damascus steel workshop:
This is the full experience starting from the most basic elements, forge-welding your layers of steel together with hammer and anvil and creating your Damascus steel billet with our 25 tonne hydraulic press. And that's just day one...

                    Damascus knife making course Damascus knife making course  Damascus knife making course Knife Making Workshops 

Knife making workshops in SA - Email us at or via our contact page for more info.