About Us

In the beginning...

Phil set up Hill Street Shed workshop in August 2019 after his life-long love affair with hand crafted knives culminated with an informal knife making apprenticeship with Baz Gardner in the Barossa Valley. As one of the few professional knife makers in Adelaide, he aims to keep creating some of the best kitchen, chef's and utility knives in Australia.

But why knives?

Knives were one of our first tools. They are amazingly simple in principle but deliciously complex to make well. Knives have to work efficiently, feel great to hold, and look good. They're the synthesis of usability, ergonomics and aesthetics. Or put simply, functional art. Added to this is the requirement they should last three or four generations - at least 100 years. 

We also want to pass on our knowledge, that's why we run knife making workshops so people can have the fantastic experience of making their own chef's knife.

It's actually not about us, it's about cooking

Using a sharp, hand made, ergonomically designed knife for preparing food is what it's all about. It turns what is good fun into an absolute joy. Simple as that.

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